Vertices Vietnam is into trading of Solvent/Chemical business ; An aspiring company dealing into raw material for Inks, Paints , Pesticides etc with respective target customers i.e., plants which are into manufacturing of printing inks, paints, pesticides etc.

Hereunder enlist scope of work:

1) New Business Development :

· Calling Customers for Introduction to Manufacturing Plants (Purchase Departments) (out of existing database). Plus also searching through Internet and build up more data base for the company i.e, sending Introductory emails & calling

· Understanding customer requirement of Solvents / Chemicals & enlisting Information : for common records by Input calling reports & customer information in English ( in CRM Module) about customer name, telephone number, customer specific requirement etc

· Visiting Customers/Industrial Plants in & around HCM & follow ups: Depending on customer’s suggested timings, visiting & meeting concerned person, understanding more deeply, submitting samples, quotations, follow ups typically covering all sales steps as a part of Industrial marketing.

· Converting Prospect to New Clients

2) Communicating / Emailing / Coordinating with Existing Customers/Service Providers & other business associates/ Service providers /logistics for smooth delivery of orders.

Initially will be guided with some technicals and once start calling , candidate would automatically gain in depth understanding about effectively handling customers.

We are not conventionally driven company by requesting Marketing/ Sales candidate to make his/her presence felt 8-5 type job.Since its typical Sales oriented job with a focus on customer satisfaction to the best

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